Mother’s testimony

18 months after his exchange, Rhys, who left Spain to live in UK, came back on his own, he booked his flight and hotel just to spend a few days with his Spanish friends from IES Bezmiliana, they had a very emotional time together

Dear Erasmus Project

I would like to thank you for allowing my son Rhys Huffey to participate in your project this year. It has been an amazing experience for him to work with other students in a group in school to achieve goals together for the project and in preparation for the trip to Croatia. Rhys has learnt new skills and above everything it has given him lots of confidence. Being chosen for the trip to Croatia was an honour for him he found a new sense of independence and confidence after staying with his chosen family. They looked after him so well and he now has the confidence to do other similar things thanks to the project. One of the things he learnt during the process was sign language and this in turn has inspired our daughter to also learn some sign language as well.
My husband and I are both grateful and thankful for Rhys’s inclusion in the project it has been a very valuable experience for him and we hope hope it will help others in the future to achieve the same things from also being included in the project.
Yours faithfully
Lee and Laurie Huffey

I’m sorry it is in English but it’s just the best way to express myself. Again I’m so sorry it is so late. I look forward to seeing you next week.

Kind regards

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