Disemination activities in Rincón de la Victoria

-On 20th of September 2018 we had a meeting at Rincón de la Victoria Town Hall.

Headmasters and teachers from schools in our town, the Major and other members of the municipality attended the meeting during which all activities developed in course 2017-2018 were shown as well as the new projects for the period 2018/2020
-As every year our school held from 29th April to 3rd May the Science Week. This is the second year we have a stand for our Erasmus+ projects. It has been a pleasure to be visited by our Major, Mr. Francisco Salado, the Culture Councellor Mr. Antonio J. Martín Moreno and Mr. Jesús L. Anés Vela, Director of Educational Planning, standing for Consejería de Educación in our province.

During the week more than 3000 people, mostly students but also adults from different associations not only from our province but also from Granada (Fundación Descubre y Parque de las Ciencias), Cádiz, Sevilla (Soc. Española de Neurología), Córdoba and Madrid (Fed. de Asociaciones Astronómicas de España), visited us and it was a great chance to share our school with them.

Students involved in the projects had an active role setting up the stand and explaining what they do in each project: activities developed so far

-On Friday 24th of May, 2019 a public meeting was held at Conference Hall in IES Bezmiliana. It was addressed to the whole community, including local authorities and members of the municipality.
The main objective was to report about all project activities carried out by our institution during this school year. We did a presentation of most outstanding activities and mobilities, their impact on students, teachers and families and the positive aspects for our school

Two informative sessions for teachers.

· On 7th of September 2018, during the initial teaching staff meeting, the new projects, their budget, main topics and objectives are introduced.

· On 28th of June 2019 results and implementation activities were reported in the final teaching staff meeting. Activities of projects ending, RAINBOW and “I am not speechless and invisible … Supporting students with learning disabilities” were highlighted.

The same was reported to the School Board celebrated on the same day.

Every team produced a leaflet in its own language and also there is an English version available