Between 20th and 27th October 2018, the 2nd transnational meeting of the Erasmus+ K219 project I’m not speechless and invisible. Don’t let me behind took place in Çorum, Turkey. Two teachers from each team attended this meeting. They showed to each other the activities carried out in their schools in relation to the Project since the previous meeting in Osijek, Croatia.

Teachers also planned the activities to be carried out by their students as well as those that have to be developed in the next meeting in Verona, Italy, which will be held from 31st of March to 6th April 2019 and all topics about it were discussed and agreed.

During the week teachers had time to work but also to know the Turkish culture and History with carefully planned visits to main  museum, Mosques and cities which were relevant in times of the Otoman Empire such as Merzifon and Amasya. We have to highlight the hospitality of the Turkish team, they were extremly well organized and really good hostes, as they say “your pleasure is our pleasure”.