Second Learning Teaching and Training Activity at Liceo Carlo Montanari, Verona

From 1st to 6th of April 2019, students from the four schools involved in our Project met at Liceo Carlo Montanari in Verona, Italy. Croatian, Spanish and Turkish students were hosted by Italian families in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

We did a Verona city tour visiting the famous Arena and Julliet’s house, rafting in awesome Adage river, a trip around Garda lake and surounding beautiful villages. Students played games and some sports and also attended Italian lessons with their hosting mates and had a day trip by train to amazing Venice. They enjoyed Italian food, which they really loved, both at home and at local restaurants.

After two rehersal sessions we finally recorded the flasmob “I can see clearly now” on the shore of Adige river and Piaza Bra in Verona city centre thanks to local authorities that allowed filming in both spots and can be seen in our YouTube channel.

It was a great experience for students, as for many of them it was their fist time flying , abroad and with no parents, first time packing their luggage and an exciting adventure. They learn to share, to listen, to express in a different language and had the chance to be with our Young people with their same interest, likes and future ahead. The farewell moment was really emotional for students and teachers too. We all promised to keep in touch!